Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

Moving is exhausting. Don't get caught being
unprepared for moving day.

Coordinate and prepare for Moving Companies

Call us to get a professional and insured company booked to help move your belongings.

TIP: Dispose of any hazardous items from the old home. Moving companies can not transport these items! (Paint, pool chemicals, fertilizers, gasoline, ammunition, fireworks, fire
extinguishers, etc)

Select homeowners insurance for your new home

Make sure your biggest investment has the best protection it can get at the price that best fits your budget. Our insurance experts will shop over 35 different companies to make sure you are protected.

TIP: Ask about bundling options to see if you can qualify for more discounts. 

Meet with contractors and make a plan

No matter the job, we have hundreds of trusted contractors of all professions to help you decide how to make your new home perfect. 

TIP: : If you are looking to start your project immediately after closing, make sure you talk to a contractor to check on how long their wait time is before starting projects. Wait times can sometimes be between 2-6 weeks. 


and everything else in between...

Purchase Moving Supplies

From boxes, tape, scissors, box cutters, sharpies, labels, packing material... Don't let moving day sneak up and not be prepared. We have a moving supply company to help with all your needs.

Cleaning- Move In & Out Deals

Make sure your new home is spotless for when you move in. From basic cleaning options to steam cleaning floors, we can help. Don't feel like cleaning your old house for the new owners? Ask us!

Arrange Storage Units

If there is going to be any delays in your moving process such as renovations, employment delays, or any other circumstances, make sure you have stroage options lined up!

Coordinate Home Services

Don't get stuck on the phone for hours with all of your service providers. From TV, Internet, Home Security, Electricity, Pest Control, and utilities, we can do it all!

Change Mailing Address

Be sure to set up mail forwarding to the new address from your old address. Click on the envelope to quickly file this change.

Update All Records

From doctors offices, bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, schools, and memberships, make sure you update everyone on the new address to ensure future mail is sent to the correct location.

homeswitch is here to help

Call today and speak to a moving expert.