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Partner with HomeSwitchWe can provide your clients with a seamless move in process to help save them time, money, and stress. And the best part is they have YOU to thank for it!
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Looking for a new home is a very exciting time, however this is also the time it seems when all the “fun” of looking for a home can turn into having to hunt down contractors for repair quotes and making negotiations with the sellers in hopes that they can all come to an agreement.

On top of that, clients are now thrown into the whirlwind of providing tons of document to the lender, coordinating the kids school transfer, scheduling time off work to finish packing and moving, the list goes on and on. And although we can not help with everything, we can definitely take off some of the burden. The best part about it is your client will have you to thank for the extra help. We will make sure they know that our services are provided to them FREE because of YOU.

Common Questions
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How Does This Work?

We have a dedicated buyer benefits department that regularly checks for the best rates for all the services, and the best companies as rated by their customers. We also have master dealer agreements with these companies, so we get access to all new customer offers, current deals, and grandfathered plans.

How Do We Make Money?

Our master dealer agreements with these companies allow us to profit from setting their service up. This allows us to offer clients our assistance without making them pay any fees or commit to any long-term monthly charges to HomeSwitch.

What's In This For Me?

No one looks forward to calling their service providers. They are forced to spend 15 minutes talking to an automated system trying to get to a real person. Then they get transferred all over the place and put on hold. At HomeSwitch, your customers will never have to worry about dealing with the hassle. When you let them know the convenience of our services, and then follow that by letting them know they are getting this completely FREE as a thank you from YOU, there is no way they won’t tell their friends and family about their experience using your company. Our strong customer service skills and dedication to helping your customers will add value by providing your customers a one stop shop for all their moving needs.

Is There Any Cost?

No, there is no cost for using our research service, either to you, or your customer.

What Service Providers Are Your Partnered With?

All of them! Your clients will be able to choose whoever they want to use!

Do I Get Paid For Referrals?

Yes! Reach out to our office to learn about our referral payment program!

I Don't Want Pushy Salespeople?

Then you’re in the right place. This company was started, and is run by people who feel the same way. We are structured in a way that we do not owe any allegiance to any of these vendors and we get paid the same regardless of the “package” they purchase. So rest assured knowing your customers are being helped and not “sold”. It is a truly refreshing way to do business.

Are You Local?

No need to worry about your customers talking to someone who does not know the area. We are based in Pearland!